The Shit Series: Podcast

Ever had the thought that you were really bad at something? Or maybe at everything? In this podcast, three NZ psychologists explore the tricky thinking our brains do and offer tips along the way.

Mindfulness Audio

  • Here you will find a collection of mindfulness exercises recorded by Christopher Germer, based on mindful self-compassion.
  • This is a mindfulness exercise designed especially to help with falling asleep.
  • Here are mindfulness exercises recorded by Paul Gilbert, the founder of Compassion Focussed Therapy.
  • And here are various ACT mindfulness exercises recorded by Portland Psychotherapy.

Mindfulness Exercises for Children

  • The ABC has developed some mindfulness exercises specially for the start of the school (and university) year.  You can listen to them here.
  • Annaka Harris’s website includes recorded exercises for children.
  • Sitting Still Like a Frog has a nice collection of mindfulness exercises designed for children.

A Quiet Place

can be found here.

Aisling Curtin explains ACT

Kelly Wilson Interview

Kelly talks about how, for many years, he lived inside a story that told him he was doomed to a life of addiction. At that time, Kelly believed: ‘birdies got to fly, fishes got to swim, Kelly’s a dope fiend.  It’s sad, it’s tragic but it is what it is….. I bought into a story that I was so toxic and dangerous that anybody who was close to me would be better off if they were away from me’. This story meant that Kelly gave up on himself and his relationships with the people who mattered to him.

 Steve Hayes Interview

Steve suggests that the journey to finding purpose actually starts when we inhale meaninglessness. On the other side of that, on the other side of meaninglessness, there is life.